For over 25 years Friedman Research Corporation has contributed to the development and design of integrated occupant safety systems.  Our research has addressed aircraft and rotorcraft seat design, pedestrian safety, vehicular occupant restraint designs, injury measurement with dummy responses, cyclist helmet conditions and safety and eye injury related to vehicular impact.

Injury Analysis

Our biomechanics engineers regularly analyze impacts that result in serious injuries under real world conditions. We evaluate conditions that protect heads in relation to vehicle interiors and contact surfaces with and without helmets and with and without restraints.

Test Dummy and Injury Measurement Research

Our research focuses on the conditions between dummy responses under impact conditions and the probability of serious human injuries. Additionally, we have examined  child safety seat design and pediatric injuries under impact scenarios that children face in real world conditions. Our effort is to support manufacturers and suppliers in the development of  anthropometric test devices, virtual models, and virtual testing for evaluation of occupant testing conditions in aircraft and ground vehicles.

Restraint Design and Analysis

We evaluate restraint system performance including, for example, airbags, seat belts, energy absorbing materials, active and passive seats, and glazing.  We develop specialized test devices, both virtually and physically, to evaluate the  performance of restraint systems under various scenarios and determine best practices to improve performance of restraints under impact conditions in the real world..  Applications include aircraft and rotorcraft, passenger vehicles and heavy trucks.

Helmet Safety Research

Conducted helmet impact testing and effects of design on head injury probabilities as well as performance of / the effects of helmet design on helmet rolloff performance. Developed specialized techniques for measuring the representative helmet strap in use characteristics by cyclists / users (i.e. how loose is strap). Developed test procedures for evaluating rolloff in a more realistic fashion

Pedestrian Safety Research

Using both physical and virtual testing  we have evaluated effects of alternative bumper and front end designs of vehicles on pedestrian impact responses.   Our analysis has led to demonstration of effective pedestrian impact countermeasures.

Eye Injury Research

We have conducted research on serious eye injuries that result from impact conditions that vary in particle size and energy.