Virtual Test Tracks  & Proving Grounds

Virtual Test Tracks & Proving Grounds

Virtual test track proving grounds to evaluate the performance of a new design vehicle suspension, frame, or other vehicle component provides vibration, stress and plastic strain results are provided enabling improved design based on test track, off-road terrain.

Virtual testing of tire and vehicle performance on different soils can also be examined with 3D soil characteristics incorporated.

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To improve the time from product concept to delivery, the THOR-50M finite element model has been developed and validated by the leading LS-DYNA, biomechanics

Instant Power Shelter

Instant Power Shelter Mission Configurable Integrated Deployable Shelter Temperature Controlled Worldwide Compatability

High Value Part Repair Kit

The High Value Part Repair Kit (HVPR) is designed for use at Maintenance Depots to support the evaluation of damage to critical parts on complex systems.

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