Manufacturing support

Manufacturing support is provided through analysis of forming and forging processes, fatigue analysis and buckling analysis including: 
Cold forming, Hot forging, Rolling, Sheet metal forming, Hydroforming, Welding, Clamping, Springback, Fatigure Analysis, Cyclic loading, Residual strees/strain, Buckling strength, Random vibration, Tensile strength.
Additional support includes: Virtual test tracks, Component-level tests, Thermal effects, Suspension performance, and Chassis design

Forming Simulation

Simulation of the tools and forming process support manufacturing to avoid delays and meet delivery deadlines

Forging Simulation

Crashworthiness in heavy truck rollov-ers has been a subject of concern for decades.  FRC has developed advanc-ed techniques for evaluation of heavy truck rollover occupant protection and the design of advanced compartment structures. Such designs maintain effective occupant survival space while taking into account restraint system effectiveness under rollover conditions. 

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue analysis ensures that parts created will meet performance specs and avoid field failures after extended use.

Buckling Analysis

Buckling analysis identifies potential failures before parts are fabricated and that the parts created meet the performance specs thus avoiding costly and embarrassing failures in the field.

Reverse Engineering



FRC has designed advanced composite structures for heavy trucks, aircraft seats, blast and ballistic protection using forged composite, s2 and e-glass, and carbon prepreg.  Various fabrication techniques have been used including vacuum infusion and temp/compression methods.

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For over 25 years Friedman Research Corporation has contributed to the development and design of integrated occupant safety systems.

​Aircraft Seating Systems

Friedman Research Corporation has developed finite element analysis approaches leading to testing certification of aircraft seating.


Our interest in occupant protection has led to significant research in blast and fire conditions from IEDs, plant explosions, terrorist infrastructure attacks

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