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Expedite Product Testing With THOR-50M

To improve the time from product concept to delivery, the THOR-50M finite element model has been developed and validated by the leading LS-DYNA, biomechanics, and occupant protection experts from FRC for use on Linux clusters with ANSYS LS-DYNA, the world standard for virtual impact crash testing.

Thor-50M Finite Element Model

THOR-50M Finite Element Model

Meets All NHTSA and Euro-NCAP Calibration Corridors

Supporting Manufacturers in Ground Vehicle, Aerospace, and Defense Industries with State-of-the-Art Virtual Testing and Validation of Advanced Safety Systems

Easy to Use

  • A positioning tree makes adjustment of the virtual dummy easy and intuitive

  • Sensor output data consistent between FE and physical dummy are easily accessible from the THOR-50M 50th percentile male virtual model.

  • Easy to follow part numbering structure


  • Uses state of the art modeling methods and reflects high quality meshing

  • All jacket parts incorporated

  • Accurate instrumentation locations


  • Both detailed and fast running models are available

  • Compatible with available pre-post processors like LS-PREPOST and Hypermesh among others

  • Supports Linux and Windows operating systems

  • Linux MPP INTEL clusters

Virtual testing

The THOR-50M 50th percentile male dummy model meets all calibration requirements

The model is validated against component level and full-scale test results from the THOR-50M 50th dummy

State of the art modeling methods ensure accuracy and model stability

The masses and moments of inertia of individual parts and part groups are consistent with those of the physical dummy


All jacket inserted parts incorporated.

Instrumentation locations and reference systems accurately incorporated

Reflects the most recent updates to the THOR-50M performance requirement corridors

Meets EU and US performance requirements

Virtual Impact Crash Testing

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