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For 25 years Friedman Research has been enhancing safety under impact, crash, and blast conditions providing input, results, and support to government and industry clients including those in the aerospace, heavy trucks, and automotive industries. Our research has supported major transportation manufacturers and suppliers in aerospace, heavy truck and automotive industries as well as organizations like the U.S. Department of Transportation’s FRA, NHTSA and PHMSA, Transport Canada, and Southwest Research Institute as well as the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Our team has published and presented papers nationally and internationally on six continents and has served as peer reviewers for six scientific journals as well as numerous national and international conferences.

Friedman Research provides technical excellence in finite element modeling to the aerospace, transportation, and military industries as well as a broad range of defense technology consortiums. Our team members have played significant roles in SAE’s ground and aerospace com-mittees creating recommended practices related to safety issues across a broad range of areas.

Our multidisciplinary team includes recognized expert scientists and engineers in:

Aircraft Seating Systems

Occupant Protection

Restraint System Design


Injury Mechanisms

Blast and Impact Protection

Certification by Analysis

Finite Element Modeling

Reverse Engineering

Human Factors

Manufacturing Process Support; Forging/Forming, Fatigue & Buckling Analysis


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